First Choice Building Products, Inc. Limited Warranty

First Choice warrants that products manufactured by us will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of Two Years from date of invoice. The Purchaser shall be obligated to promptly report any failure of conformance with this warranty, in writing, to First Choice within the warranty period whereupon First Choice shall, at its option, correct such non-conformity, by repair or replacement, provided the Purchaser has installed, maintained and operated such product in accordance with good industry practices and has complied with the recommendations of First Choice.

First Choice shall not be liable for any repairs, replacements, or adjustments to the product or any costs of labor performed by the Purchaser or others without First Choice’s prior written approval.

First Choice makes no other warranty or representation of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, except that of title, and all other implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Warranty

What Does This Warranty Cover?
We warrant all of our products against defects in either material or workmanship.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?
We do not warrant against errors in installation or application, nor are we liable for consequential damages.

What is the Period of Coverage?
We will cover our products for a period of two years from the date of our original shipment.

What Will We Do to Correct Problems?
We will decide to either repair or replace the products to provide what we determine is the best solution to the problem.

What Will We Not Do?
We will not provide coverage for labor or transportation charges without prior written agreement.

How Do You Get Service?
You only have to report any product failure or non-conformance directly to us within the warranty period.

What Must You Do to Keep the Warranty in Effect?
You need only maintain the devices with periodic inspection and maintenance.

Are there any express or implied warranties?
There are no warranties, express or implied, except those stated above.