MEL3000-1 Motorized Electric Latch Retraction Retrofit Kit

Motorized electric latch retraction retrofit kit for Model 3690 & 3790 devices. (24 Vdc 1A)


MEL3000-1 Series Motorized Electric Latch Retraction Retrofit Kit

The MEL3000-1 retrofit kit is a near silent, easily installed,  and low amperage (1amp 24Vdc) motor which provides electric latch retraction for one of our 3690 CVR or 3790 Rim Exit Devices.  It contains photo beam sensors to monitor device location, ensuring the push bar is in the fullly open position.  The MEL3000-1 is rated for continuous duty and can keep the device open infdefintely using a very low .25amp electronic dogging function.

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Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 4 in